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Classes tailored, but not limited to certain populations.

  • Super Seniors
    Aimed at participants 70+ years of age.  However, anyone looking for a class of non-judgemental, non-lycra-clad people taught with a sense of humour and without loud background music is welcome.


  • Better Bones  
    Pilates based exercises that are recommended for clients with osteoporosis and osteopenia. However, we can all benefit from improving our bone density, posture and balance.  


  • Essential Reformer 
    Whether you are a complete beginner or simply love returning to the basics, this class will nurture and challenge you.  The reformer is there to support you to do the exercises you find challenging.  It can also make simple movements more difficult by adding load or taking away stability. 

  • Reformer Repertoire
    Based on the traditional reformer exercises and sequence.
    Some artistic license had been taken with order and content to enable flow in a class setting on balanced body equipment. 
    Prior reformer experience and knowledge of Pilates principals is recommended

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